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About Me
Posted: Nov. 1, 2005
Updated: Jul. 8, 2007

Natalie & I, 2003
Design & Development, 1995 - 2007
The past twelve years have afforded me the opportunity to work on both the design and programming ends of a wide variety of projects. My design experience includes user interfaces, company logos, trade show movies, websites, point of purchase displays, and much more. I've handled quick-turnaround freelance illustration projects and I've tackled major marketing and branding initiatives involving everything from initial direction and strategy to creation of all customer facing visuals, hardware, applications, online presence, and corporate identity.

In 1999, I began to focus my attention on developing a more robust programming skill set. It started with corporate websites but soon grew to include the front-end development of an enterprise level web-based application. My programming skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and coding in a JSP/Java environment. I have implemented several third-party e-commerce shopping carts involving the use of custom APIs, server side code, additional plug-in modules (affiliate managers, coupon transactions), and email campaign management. Increasing my programming knowledge is the single most important thing that I've ever done to improve my general design skills. There's nothing like problem solving under the hood to help better understand customer and user level design.

A Brief Career History
I've been a computer graphics designer since 1995. That year I graduated from UT Austin and headed to Dallas for an internship at BigHand Multimedia. BigHand was a small design studio which gave me a chance to get involved with lots of different projects and — more importantly — to work closely with a talented group of designers and programmers.

Since those early days of crafting desktop icons in ResEdit, I've switched jobs several times and have had the good fortune to work on motion graphics projects, print design pieces, websites, usability & interface design, corporate identity design, and all sorts of illustration. The years and projects since BigHand have given me the opportunity to work with an even more extensive group of creative and extremely talented individuals. I've posted a list of links to them in the links page.