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Project Credits
Posted: Nov. 17, 2005
Updated: Nov. 17, 2005
The majority of my portfolio images contain work that only I designed and created. The application user interfaces and animation projects, however, were created by teams of talented friends and co-workers. A full list of their efforts is included below.

Austin PowerForum Animation

Brian H.
3D Animator
Brian handled the entirety of the 3D animation, lighting, texturing, and effects (with the exception of several models built by Jeff). He was also creative co-lead on the script, shot selection, and overall design.

Jeff C.
Senior Designer & Motion Graphics Artist
Jeff was responsible for all editing and compositing. In addition he produced several commercials for the environment, co-designed the cityscape, handled all rendering, animated several characters, and dealt with all research behind the various outputs. He was also co-lead on script, shot selection, and overall design.

Darin M.
Senior Designer
Darin designed several of the jet-mobiles and many of the buildings for the 3D environment. He gathered all of the resource materials to help us capture the Jetsons look & feel. He was also co-lead on the script.

Evin M.
Senior Audio Engineer
Evin worked solo as the brains behind the Port Austin score. He handled all of the sound effects as well.

Cari Z.
Project Manager
Cari managed the project. She kept us on track and made sure that all client requests were taken into consideration.

Illustrator & Motion Graphics Artist
I was responsible for all character illustration and storyboarding. Most of the character animation was my responsibility as was the design of final jet-mobiles and environment peripherals. I was also co-lead on the script, shot selection, and overall design.

SmartSwing Movie

Jason G.
3D Animator
Jason modeled and textured the SmartSwing golf club.

3D Animator & Motion Graphics Artist
With the exception of the laptop model, golf club model, and music, I was responsible for every element of this motion graphics piece.

Partnerflow Web-based Application

Simeon K.
Senior UI Designer
Simeon was lead UI designer and programmer for Partnerflow. He was lead architect for front-end development and tackled the majority of the optimization efforts.

Senior UI Designer
My responsibilities regarding Partnerflow are listed on my resume.